… still making you use a gold plated pneumatic drill as a toothbrush.
John Doran, The Quietus (UK)
Deathcrush have their first-ever single out, and it’s totally ace. ‘Lesson #13 For Nanker Phelge / Fire’ offers a prime example of their metal-tinged, no-wave sass
Alex Denney, Track of the week, The Fly (UK)
Like Salt-n-Pepa with a even filthier Dj Spindarella. Yo!
Nam Phuong Ngyuen, Fjorden Baby! (NO)
‘Lesson #13…’ is brimful with the kind of detuned, Sonic Youth guitars that made ‘Death Valley ‘69’ so thrilling, and oozes the kind of seductive, filthy, primitive sex appeal that makes one feel as ashamed as a man should at a peep show.
Wydham Wallace, The Quietus (UK)
Sweat, battery acid energy and gritty guitars —The trio delivers energy as if all members just ate AA batteries and turn the whole crowd electric. Deathcrush is without a doubt a band you will hear more from in the future.
Deathcrush are one of the coolest bands I’ve ever seen... they have created riot music for the 21st century. (...) Watch out South By South West. You are Tokyo. Deathcrush are Godzilla.
John Doran, The Quietus (UK)
Norwegian trio Deathcrush are the day’s greatest thrill, with front women Åse Røyset and Linn Nystadnes channelling Kim Gordon at her nastiest over drummer Andreas Larssen’s Helmet nodding ballast.
Two outrageously sexy tigresses with guitars – the coolest band around at this point in time.
Le Monde (FR)
Isn’t this the music David Cameron is attempting to ban, lest it whoop disaffected youth up too greatly? Wow.
Everett True, Collapse Board (AUS)
Their reverbed, unyielding energy and fuzzed-out psych rock has the audience seduced within seconds. (…) Deathcrush are definitely my new crush. If you get the chance go see them, do it, you won’t know what’s hit you – in a good way!
Linda Aust, ThisisfakeDIY (UK)
They have (…) found their own space in a very over subscribed area and their set is adrenaline thrills and screaming vocals over full on noise and oozing, pelvic noise sludge. It’s a stunning and effective dissemination of the New York sassy cool trash aesthetic into a new century and with their own vital slant
John Robb, Louder Than War (UK)
That I saw them twice in two days (and then a third time a few days later, back in the UK) says more than enough (...). Deathcrush are more than just violent flicks of head and hair, rumbling basslines, gravelly guitar and warring vocals. They are very close to the embodiment of all that’s good with dirty and intoxicating noise-rock. And are really f***ng exciting.
Luke Slater, Drowned in Sound (UK)
Deathcrush, the Norwegian trio which is currently considered one of the hottest newcomers in the music world (…) cover the Bangles and love Snoop Dogg. And yet their music is hard as rock. (…) Unlimited noise, unusually consistent
Christian Dittloff, Hamburger Abenblatt (DE)
The big blown-off-our-feet experience came (...) from newcomer Oslo trio Deathcrush: An unbelievable mix of Sunn O))) and the Bangles, a laconic pop sensibility combined with the dynamics and overdriven noise of Avant-Metal (...) An example of a conceptual band that is as great in practice as in theory, and that reminds you of something that easily gets lost in the humdrum Youngstorget interaction between artists, audience and the media: The best rock bands are supposed to be cooler than you.
Bernt Erik Pedersen, Dagsavisen (NO)
After a 12-month boom, which started in relative obscurity and finished with them becoming one of the Nordic artists to name-drop, they turned the punters of The Lexington into drooling and befuddled converts with just one set.
Ben Hewitt, The Stool Pigeon (UK)
After eventually getting in to see them, it was obvious what the fuss was about. (...) The buzz around (...) Deathcrush suggests (they) will go international.
Kieron Tyler, The Arts Desk / Mojo (UK)
A headstrong bastard of filthy grooves, hyperactive hardcore, chewing gum pop and gruesome atmosphere. Towards the end the wildcat vocalist jumped into the audience, as if to make the final doubters in the audience surrender. At that point I was beyond won over by this new acquaintance.
Björn Lydén, Soundvenue (DK)
Skool’s In is just magnificent, a raptor of brilliance within a noise and mental examination, and the undeniable debut of a band which is going to coax and command our attentions and passions for horizons to come.
10/10 RingMaster